Which Krav Maga system is better?

As with most martial arts that become very popular, greed inevitably raises its ugly head and the pursuit of money and status, accompanied by cowardly social media degrading and accusations, especially via YouTube, Facebook, etc., start to take over.  I’ve seen this many times and to be quite honest am disgusted by it all.

David Lee Roth, Van Halen’s charismatic singer, in his biography said something very true, “You raise your head above the crowd, and someone’s going to throw a rock at you.”  Coming from a pretty stellar music career as a progressive rock guitarist, I know well of what he says.  Someone is ALWAYS trashing you, no matter how critically acclaimed you’ve become.  Anyhow, I digress.

It’s really very simple with martial arts, especially Krav Maga…do your research, get to know your instructor and try to understand from where he or she is conceptually and philosophically based.  Sometimes looks can be deceiving.  A comment on one of my Krav videos was more focused on my apparent [insert male homophobic slur] looks, rather than my ability.  I have had enough pro coaches give me their respective blessings with certifications (some actually achieved in the ring), black belts, etc., to be comfortable in where I stand.

Roy Elghanayan is very different from David Kahn; Moshe Katz is very unlike Nir Maman and Itay Gil and Eyal Yanilov both have unique approaches to this sacred art.  The point is ALL have something to offer, with their respective Krav Maga organizations, and that is their individual excellence…the rest is up to each of us!