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The benefits and dangers of YouTube!

ALL of us watch YouTube, or we should, if for some strange reason one happens to be from another solar system.  The wealth of information is incomprehensible at times, but the treasures to be collected are worth the effort.  However, for everything positive there is a negative side, as well.

I would venture that most of us realize martial arts cannot be cultured from video.  One needs “hands-on” training from a qualified instructor, but this is not the purpose of this blog.  Neither is the obvious “there are numerous, unqualified teachers out there, whose methods are simply bad.”

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Which Krav Maga system is better?

As with most martial arts that become very popular, greed inevitably raises its ugly head and the pursuit of money and status, accompanied by cowardly social media degrading and accusations, especially via YouTube, Facebook, etc., start to take over.  I’ve seen this many times and to be quite honest am disgusted by it all.

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