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Krav Maga needs a “curved” counterpart…

In terms of being the least complicated, most direct and greatest method of self-defense going, I would not argue against Krav Maga. Simplicity was the very basis for its genesis, and, with a few weeks of intensive training, Krav’s first Israeli Army students, more than 50 years ago, found themselves acquiring life-saving skills very quickly and most efficiently, thus proving its original concepts and philosophy.

I am well into my second decade of studying and instructing this unique martial art, now having attained Israeli certified 3rd degree black belt status; thusly, I am quite skilled, but my very nature tells me there is always more, so much more!

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Fallacies about martial arts and true self-defense!

I am a Taekwondo Master (4th degree black belt), and have multiple high-ranking black belts in several other Asian arts (including sword), as well as kick-boxing, Muay Thai, combat JiuJitsu and extensive knife-training.  TKD 5th degree for me would have been the following: attend occasional classes, and teach a little, plus a new form…that’s it; in other words, just “time in the trenches”, improving upon my existing skills, which should, of course, always be a priority.  I opted out.  Do not get me wrong, because I loved training in that art, and improved my kicking techniques like no other; however, “real street-survival skills”?  Hardly.  In fact, I know a guy that was under serious Taekwondo Olympic consideration, yet was hurt pretty badly in New York City, when he lipped off to the wrong person.  No skilled street fighter is going to let you launch a spinning back-kick, or jump-spinning hook kick…that’s strictly for the movies.

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Krav Maga and Training Alone.

Having been a student and instructor of Krav Maga for many years, I have often been asked how I continue and further my training, especially since I outrank the local and regional Krav instructors, and that my Israeli Sensei is in this country only a couple of times a year, and my other main source is on the West Coast (I live in Northern, VA).

The easy answer is that I learn from everyone; students, the aforementioned instructors, and since I am a huge believer in ancillary education, there are always other styles and arts that can enhance one’s training regimen.

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