Rock Guitarist/Writer/Krav Maga expert…really?

My hair is longer than most martial artists…makes my head gear even tighter.  My right hand’s nails are a bit longer, as well (hybrid picking for all of you non-players), and need to be taped, along with my fingers, for Brazilian JiuJitsu training.  Yet, I am a world-class rock and fusion guitarist, which has been my principal vocation for many years and continues to this day; and, I have had my novels and poetry released everywhere.

However, my love for martial arts is equally profound, especially now that I am a pro, and the similarities in effective fighting and playing a great guitar solo are wondrously similar.  Flow, rhythm and timing, coupled with improvisational ability, technical skill and creativity, sound like attributes commonly attributed to rock icons such as Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, etc.  They are also the very same qualities that help one to excel in Krav Maga!

Moshe Katz, the founder and head of Israeli Krav International (I.K.I.), insisted that my official photo for his website be one of my concert shots, just to be different from everyone else on the planet…he knows, that’s why!

So, if any of you have your doubts, feel free to stop by and see for yourself.  One of my more “hard-core” Krav Maga and knife-training partners, and former Special Forces officer, loves the fact that I am equally comfortable on stage, writing or in the ring…and has dubbed yours truly “the Poet Warrior”.

Now, I do not possess the ego to call myself that, but if you ever had the fortune (or misfortune, depending on the circumstance) to meet him, as most of my students have, you might accept his philosophical train of thought; I know that I most graciously did!