Respecting the Art of Krav Maga

If one learns that a fast and effective strike to the throat of any person, no matter his (or her) size, can collapse a larynx, and even kill, then one also realizes that this works both ways.  Krav Maga teaches us to end a fight as quickly and efficiently as possible, mainly to minimize the time spent in conflict, as ultimately both parties will usually get hurt, to some degree, in any serious fight.

Training this most valuable self-defense art’s injurious and potentially lethal techniques teaches us to respect the fact that others may have the same capabilities, even without the discipline and reverence of formal study…I’ve known street/prison fighters with little or no martial arts background that could wipe the floor with most black belts, that’s just the way it is.

Part of the respect that one learns with Krav Maga training is that awareness and de-escalation abilities will increase, even with one’s personality and countenance; I mean, who really wants to clash with a truly dangerous person, somebody with vast street experience and that doesn’t fight in anger, just pure, cold-blooded and focused fury, hell-bent on “ending you”?

One of my personal training partners is just such a man; only that he has left his “dark past” and embraced the good side, thank God.  When we train hard, it is often scary to the casual observer; however, I know that he (6’3, 300lbs) has my best interests in mind, as do I his, and we always stop just short of serious injury…he trusts me, and vice-versa.

I truly do not want to fight anyone…but will.  This is Krav Maga!