Re-training your “natural instincts”

Whenever I am giving a Krav Maga seminar, or talking with a prospective new Academy student or private client, I stress that Krav education and practice will focus greatly on the importance of the realization that one has to re-train certain God-given reflexive responses to threats, as they are the very reactions that many times fail under an assault.  Yes, it’s always eye-opening and somewhat confusing, as our intuitive “replies” to being attacked have been naturally imbedded, seemingly forever!  However, when you learn a new technique, and see how obvious and successful this “re-training” becomes, it’s not a hard sell.

For example, when attacked by a choke/violent shove, in any direction, it’s very instinctive to immediately grasp at one’s throat; almost everyone does this at first.  You will find, in your training, that this is wasted energy, strength and most importantly…TIME!  Once you learn the proper Krav Maga responses, you will see the absolute merit in studying this wonderful Israeli martial art.

As well, in demonstrations, I always run across something illogical; for example: the “Taekwondo Master’s-grab-the-pinky-fingers”, or the “Air Force women’s-arms-up-through-break”…and, anytime I catch any of these people by surprise, with a hard shoving assault, their technique goes into the proverbial toilet.  Now, I am not intending to be disrespectful to Taekwondo (I am a 4th degree black belt master, and love this art), or to the Air Force (God bless our military), but these techniques simply do not work in the real world.  I’ve been involved in street fights with guys on PCP, and breaking their pinkies would only further enrage them…not kidding!  Also, the arms on some guys are like boulders, and you are not breaking their vice-grip with your ill-conceived attempts.

Find a reputable Krav Maga school, and see the light!