Physical “handicaps” do not exist in Krav Maga!

A year ago, I was giving a Krav Maga seminar and six bouncers, from one of the city’s very popular beach clubs, were among those attending…one, a smaller guy in a wheelchair!  We talked for a few minutes before the training began, and I advised him to just observe, and that I would partner up with him, throughout the 3-hour seminar, when the assistants ran some of the drills for everyone else…and, would “customize” his techniques that day.

Long story short: 1) he’s now, comfortably and legally, carrying a bigger knife (the little folder he previously had was woefully inadequate), 2) after training with Eskrima sticks, I convinced him to use a cane, that way he could trip up an assailant AND smack him, 3) his hand, elbow and head combatives were just as good as anyone’s…with a couple of choke techniques, and 4) his “trapping escapes” were conceptually created and trained for his specific physical situation.

Same thing for one of my private clients with his left hand in a cast…great for blocking but unless you want to re-injure it, fight with your right hand/elbows, and be the greatest kicker, possible!

Lastly, a woman, with two young kids, said to me, “I have serious back issues”.  Okay, let’s see, do you tell your attacker to go pick on someone else…or, maybe learn how to use a collapsible baton?  She agreed!

Wounded Warriors…let’s train!  Petite women (and men)…use your speed and quickness!   Hearing impaired…I will train your “visual scanning acuity” and peripheral vision!

Enough said?