“It won’t happen to me”…well, let’s hope not!

The proverbial “out of sight, out of mind” saying is a well-known and time-honored adage.  Based on empirical data, it is a fact that only 10% of the human population are actual “fighters”; meaning, they will absolutely exchange blows when attacked personally and in order to help others.  One of my training partners, a very tough Marine Special Forces Colonel (ret.), who is experienced enough to have “seen and done everything”, reminds me, as Krav Maga instructors, “it is our duty to train the other 90% to become fighters, and the 10% to become great!”  I agree, most definitely.

However, it’s almost comical, at times, the responses I get when I ask people if they’d be interested in real assault survival training, via Krav Maga.  Everything from “oh, I don’t go to those kinds of places”, to “I’ve never had any trouble”, and on and on.

Really, do you ever go to malls, or money machines, or Mexican restaurants, never mind a club to see your favorite band?  Both of my daughters (26 and 23) have been attacked at the former two (they fared well, luckily), and everyone has witnessed a bar fight.

Remember the soccer dad that was beaten to death in front of other parents, several years ago?  No one helped, never mind he, himself stopping the attack.  Let’s get serious, this can happen to anyone, at anytime, and anywhere, and it is not paranoia to be “street-wise”, just practical.

I hope none of you ever has to confront the reality of a brutal assault, but knowing several that have (I have vast experience, here), including armed robbery and rape, why not take the time to learn the survival skills that one day might be essential in saving your own, or your loved ones’ life?

Krav Maga; effective, proven, logical and maybe even necessary!