How does one choose the right Krav Maga school?

Being an internationally successful touring/recording rock and fusion guitarist for many years, I also taught, literally, hundreds of students…numerous pros, and many with similar aspirations.  One thing that I absolutely know is that most have some talent, but ALL process information slightly differently.  Teaching Krav Maga is no different, and those of my Krav people who are also my guitar students see this very clearly.

There are numerous Krav Maga schools in the high-density region where I live (Northern VA), and several “world organizations” are represented…most are legit and have Israeli certified instructors.

So, how does one choose a school?

Facilities matter, as does the in-school training equipment and gear, but it really comes down to one essential factor, and that is, do you respect, admire and trust your teacher?  If new, just ask current students training there…they know.  It’s really very simple.  Track record counts, to be sure, as does résumé, but when all the dust settles, does your instructor “have it”?  If so, you will be happy.  There are many techniques to acquire, and sometimes several for the same defense.  If your teacher is confident, she or he should be able to compare and contrast, with logical reason and example, and if smart, will ALWAYS be open to suggestion.  NO ONE KNOWS IT ALL.  On the other hand, if you experience the coach that “knows everything”…well, you be the judge.  Usually the ego of said personality will betray itself, and you and everyone else, sooner than later.