Handgun defense/take-aways should be simple and logical!

There are three basic principles to handgun defense: 1) off centerline, 2) trap the weapon, and 3) take the weapon.  Yes, easier said than done, especially the psychological part of actually “going for it”.  However, anyone that has been training with me in Krav Maga for more than six months will have not only mastered their three basic defense/take-aways in their yellow belt (first) curriculum, but will look at another 30 or so; with almost every conceivable angle and situation possible, so as not to confuse or complicate, but to demonstrate that these same principles always apply…ALWAYS!

When I teach a gun defense seminar, I will usually have different people do any kind of handgun attack: one hand, two hands, front, sides, back, touching, not touching, head, “assassination”, one arm held, temple, under arm, jammed under the jaw, “kidnapping” control (on and on…you be surprised what I’ve seen), etc., just to make this “three principle point”.  They always work, even in cars, which I will address at a later point in time.  My 2nd degree black belt test was my Israeli Sensei, Moshe Katz, creating every situation he could think of, ALL dealing with car attacks: inside, outside, back seat, front seat, etc.  I had not trained most of them, but improvised every single situation, correctly.