Early morning Krav Maga classes…absolutely!

Alarm clock rudely awakens, each morning at 5am.  Who am I kidding?  I still have imbedded the years and years of “nightclub mentality” from my music career, which may never truly go away.  Still, it’s my professional desire to teach my Krav Maga classes with as much energy and enthusiasm as the usual noon or early evening sessions ubiquitous with the several other schools in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia.

Why teach (and train) so early?  Good question, except that the loyalty and passion of my core group of students constantly reminds me that they prefer to “start their day, the Israeli way”.  All know that their respective professions await each and every one of them and having that very important reminder, of just how valuable Krav Maga training can be, seems to jump-start everyone into productive hours of work.

Equally, early morning classes have a way of weeding out those that aren’t serious, or worse, with bad attitudes, and this is fine with me.  Many of my students are married and most have kids, and their families and spouses are their driving force.  The few college-age students I have, are just as focused, however, as the over-all attitude of the Blue Chip Academy is one of ultimate respect…and it starts with me.