Can one train in limited space?

My school, the Blue Chip Academy, is a spacious, clean and well-equipped facility, with plenty of parking, cushioned mats for ground fighting, and some of the best training gear available.  However, can one effectively study Krav Maga in the smallest of places?  Your corporate office, home gym, kitchen, living room, etc., and even your car, can be productive training environments, as many attacks occur in these restricted settings, and you may just not have enough room for your jump-spinning hook kick, ala Jean Claude Van Damme.

What if you get attacked in your hotel room and fall between the two double beds?  Try a Muay Thai round kick from down there…it’s simply not happening!  How about a gun assault in the bathroom stall of your favorite restaurant?  What then?

My point is, I have taught all of the previously mentioned scenarios to my Academy students, as well as the many I train privately; you have to be able to fight back, ANYWHERE!

The other day I was teaching gun defenses to my “Women’s Only” class, and we were in a confined office space.  I came up with the following test: you’re a divorce attorney sitting at your conference table, and the soon-to-be-ex of your client has finally had enough and points a hand gun at you, the evil lawyer…how does one defend that?  We did so, and then some.

Many of my corporate and private clients do not have the time for early morning classes, as their professions occupy the majority of their daily lives.  By the time evening rolls around, they’re beat, so night classes are out, especially with kids.  One way is to take the occasional lunch hour and train right beside your desk, or in the office conference room, lobby or wherever there’s ANY space.  I have trained with my Israeli Sensei in the smallest of places, as well as the wide, open outdoors.  It is all meaningful and practical.