Ancillary Krav Maga Training, Part 2!

I just completed my first certification in Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s renowned combat system) under Sifu Harinder Singh.  Needless to say it was an eye-opening experience, and quite involved…a total of 28 hours over the course of an extended weekend.  I was both mentally and physically drained, but spiritually lifted, once again, just as every time that I study with my instructors or other experts out of my personal expertise.

We all, after having trained long and hard enough and achieved expert/master status in a particular combat art (in some cases, several), can get too comfortable within our own system(s) and the people that we workout with on a constant basis.  Facing someone new, in a different art, will put you into a zone of uncertainty and stress; it is a natural reaction for anyone and, hello, just a little similar to an actual fight. 

Just as in music, where I studied with world-class flamenco, jazz and classical guitarists, I knew that these ancillary genres of playing would greatly benefit me as the consummate rock guitarist I intended to become!  I was indeed out of my comfort zone but loved every minute of the time I invested…and yes, it was most successful!

Martial arts “experts” can get hurt in street fights for several reasons, but first and foremost is the obtuse thinking that one is invincible, and just where does this train of thought originate?  Usually, it’s with his/her particular students extolling their teacher’s greatness, on a continuous basis, and this instructor never truly going “outside the box” for other study; and, the opinions, techniques, concepts and philosophies that accommodate said ventures.  I’ve seen it quite often, and this is why I will suffer the occasional broken nose, JiuJitsu submissions, skeletal lock, rib fractures, face-pounding (from a pro boxer) and a litany of other “gifts” from my mates, notably including humility!

Please re-read the Blue Chip Academy Blog #21, “Ancillary training for Krav Maga”, as I opened this train of thought with great detail and example.

There is a wealth of knowledge and art available to each and every one of us; search for it, embrace it and cultivate your mind, body and soul!